Every person possesses their own personality with unique ideas, aptitudes and many hidden talents.

Our goal is to find that potential in every student in order to promote the individual talents in the best way possible. To achieve our goal we emphasize one thing most of all: we take our time.

With small class sizes, motivated teachers and individual education plans, we offer what other schools do not. This concept has proved successful in caring for the needs of each individual student and helping him/her overcome weaknesses and better develop strengths.

Our goal is to prepare our students for the life ahead of them, on an academic and personal level. We accomplish this through several different support programs, e.g. through hands-on education, ample homework supervision, remedial courses and a multitude of extracurricular activities.

In addition, we also offer several opportunities for "Quereinstieg". Those who have completed the German Realschule (intermediate secondary school) or a similar institution and do not have knowledge of a second foreign language have the opportunity to enter the Schloss-Schule as a tenth grader. These students can obtain the qualification to attend a technical university (written part) after two years, or the qualification to study at a German university (Abitur - A-Level/IB equivalent) after three years.

Parents can always rest easy knowing their kids are in the best hands with us.

The Schloss-Schule is anything but a typical place of learning. Here the students can be excited about a warm atmosphere, engaged teachers and house counselors, as well as an optimal place to learn and live.

We are confident that superior academic performance is only possible in a superior living environment. In order to ensure the proper balance between life and learning we offer exciting extracurricular activities, a plethora of different sports, and confidants who are always available in times of need.

We would like to offer every student a place where they feel at home - with all the rights and responsibilities that come with it. The most important thing for our school is that we live together harmoniously and reach our goals together. Everyone should feel that they have come to the right place.

Our goal is to teach our students a good sense responsibility by providing clear structures and the best possible support in their daily life just as well as in school.

We want our students to find a good footing and orientation here. Therefore every teacher house counselor serves as a compass directing each students to find their own path in life.

With such a solid foundation, we encourage students to find new perspectives that will help them in their life in the future.

Here at the Schloss-Schule, Kirchberg meets the world, and the world meets Kirchberg. Schloss-Schule Kichberg’s particular charm stems from a harmony between approximately 2/3 day students from Kirchberg and the surrounding area and approximately 1/3 resident students from all over Germany, Europe and overseas.

The students at Schloss-Schule meet others from Germany, China, Spain, France, Italy and develop great friendships amongst themselves!

This interesting mix of varying cultures guarantees a lively exchange that promotes in turn understanding, openness and tolerance.

Kirchberg is slightly more idyllic than anywhere else. Countryside, culture, and the local people form a unique setting, in which our students can develop their personality and grow academically away from the hectic life of the big city.

However, at the same time Kirchberg is connected incredibly well to the transportation routes of southern Germany. You are always invited to come visit for a weekend or a short vacation in our easy to reach town.

We are a member of the distinguished Association of German Borading Schools - Vereinigung der deutschen Landerziehungsheime (www.die-internate.de) - and very proud of our progressive teaching roots.

This means that here at the Schloss-Schule we encounter each other with an open mind, in an undogmatic manner and without prejudice. We see the students first and foremost based on their character and personality, regardless of religious affiliation, nationality or gender.

We have made it a goal of ours to urge and promote the individual abilities and talents of each student.

The decision to attend a private school is often a deliberate one. While we as a private school adhere to the same general framework of the public schools, we have the freedom to place more emphasis on certain issues important to us such as evaluation, personnel management and goal orientation.

What is more, it is possible for us to offer an excellent student-teacher ratio and as a result smaller class sizes. The students therefore gain optimal support from our highly motivated educators.

Because the Schloss-Schule is financed by a nonprofit foundation, parents can be sure that the money they invest in their children is used solely for the most important purpose: the best possible education and care of our students.

From their first day at the Schloss-Schule, our students have access to up-to-date instructional materials, high-quality facilities and meals made with delicious local ingredients that provide our students with the proper nutrition required for growing adolescents.

Our goal as a private school is to provide excellent facilities: therefore our buildings are either recently constructed or beautifully rennovated.

The unique environment we provide coupled with the people who work here daily with a great deal of zeal and passion creates a special atmosphere, which alumni remember fondly for decades to come.

It is no secret that a healthy mind lives only in a healthy body. Therefore, there are a number of recreational activities at the Schloss-Schule and in the surrounding area that allow students to let off some steam, relax or to regenerate.

Our students can become involved in both creative activities (primarily in our own "fabrik"), social and musical activities, and athletics - for example, in the many clubs and groups that we offer.

Simply said: everyone feels at home at Schloss-Schule Kirchberg.