Adolf Zoellner
Archivfoto der Schloss-Schule Kirchberg
Amalie Pfündel

The Schloss-Schule Kirchberg was founded in 1914 by Karl Stracke as a subsidiary school of the "Reformschule Blaubeuren", quickly followed by the transformation under director Rudolf Besser 1917 to a "Reformschule und Landerziehungsheim" (reform school and a rural boarding school). Adolf Zoellner and Amalie Pfündel continued the development of the school in 1926, the efforts of whom resulted in the "Württembergisches Landschulheim," following the tradition of Hermann Lietz.

The Schloss-Schule Kirchberg sat high above the Jagst, in the northern part of Baden-Württemberg, in the front wings of the royal Hohenlohe palace of Kirchberg for the first five decades of its existence.

As the Evangelische Heimstiftung obtained the entire palace complex and remodeled it to serve as a nursing home in 1960, the Schloss-Schule moved under the direction of Amalie Pfündel and her son Albrecht from its original location to its newly-built home atop the "Windshöhe", where the school is located to this day.