Life at the Internat-Gymnasium Schloss-Schule Kirchberg offers clear structure without hindering the development of personal interests. Fixed events through the course of the day, the week and the year provide stability for individuals as well as for the group as a whole.

Study hall is of particular importance in the daily schedule, which takes place between 16:30 - 18:00 in either the schoolhouse or in individual rooms in the boarding house, depending on grade level. Supervision by teachers or house counselors ensure not only focused work, but also knowledgeable support for subject-related questions.

The "group night out" is important for the cohesion of each group. Every other week, when there is school on Saturday, each group does something special with their house counselor, e.g. rock climbing, cooking, go-kart racing, etc. The group’s imagination is bound only by financial and organizational limitations.

The highlights of each year are the festive dinners and proceeding parties before school holidays. Appropriate dress and good manners are required at the formal dinners, and the party afterward always consists of plenty of fun and dancing.

Such routines take some of the burden of making decisions, and any potential resulting issues, off the children's (and parents’) shoulders.