As the old saying goes in Germany, "food and drink hold the body and soul together."  These words of wisdom are something that we have truly taken to heart at the Schloss-Schule.

We prepare meals right here in the school kitchen with as many local ingredients as possible, and we also provide vegetarian meals every day.  The ladies in the kitchen always greet those in line with a smile and are ready to accommodate to any special dietary needs.

The three main meals each day are supplemented by both a second breakfast during the mid-morning break and a coffee hour in the afternoon, where one of course can enjoy tea or hot chocolate as well.

Lunch is required for all students living in the boarding school.  A seating arrangement and a daily ritual procedure ensure order during meals, which always consist of a large salad buffet, entrée and dessert.

Students are seated according to their groups from the residence halls and are accompanied by their house counselor, thus allowing counselors to remind students about important appointments, gain an overview of those who may be sick, and also enforce proper table manners.  Daily announcements after lunch ensure that students are always up to date on important information.