Program Details

Enrollment Pathways

  • Linguistic, cultural and academic preparation for the Schloss-Schule Kirchberg
  • Prep for enrollment in other German-speaking schools afterwards
  • Long-term language course without intent to transfer to German school upon completion
  • (Possible pathway still in question: intensive prep course for several months at end of school year for students who have already reached B2 elsewhere)

German as a Foreign Language

  • Course brings students with no prior language knowledge to at least a level of B2
  • Approx. 30 hours per week of instruction / 7.5 hours per week supervised study time
  • Course length: one academic year (ca. 37 weeks)
  • Approximate lengths on individual phases:
    - Orientation and Familiarization Trip 1 week
    - Language Phase, ca. 22 weeks
      0 – A1, 6 weeks
      A1 – A2, 6 weeks
      A2 – B1, 8 – 10 weeks
    - Language + School Phase, 10 – 12 weeks
      B1 – B2 + visiting school subjects of choice on hourly basis per week
    - School Phase
      As soon as B2 test is successfully completed, students can transfer to the appropriate grad level for the remainder of the school year

Integration in Regular Classroom Instruction

  • Preparation in necessary methods and vocabulary for attending a German school
  • Participation in select subjects from beginning of program possible, e.g. Sports and English
  • With increased language abilities, students will have the ability to visit subjects of their choice in school during defined time slots and afterwards present what they experienced and learned to their fellow language students. Number of hours in school is determined by student and teacher together, based on individual rates of progress and needs.
  • During these time slots, students who have made slower progress will remain in language classroom for additional, individualized language support

Social Immersion

  • Language students live in an environment surrounded daily by German students and teachers/staff
  • Live in boarding houses with regular boarding school students
  • Participation in all school clubs, activities and events
  • All meals together with regular boarding and local students

Experience German Culture, History and Customs

  • German history and culture taught in class supported by regional excursions
  • Support with internships during school breaks with local industry partners, once appropriate language level has been reached
  • Opportunity to visit local sports clubs and culture organizations in Kirchberg
  • Cooperation with nearby social organizations to allow contact to local residents

External Testing Through Goethe Institut

  • Students successfully complete the program after passing the B2 test at the Goethe Institut

Student Profile


  • Primarily for students between the ages of 13 and 16 years old (Grades 8 - 10)
  • Enrollment at younger ages possible according to visa regulations for individual nationalities

Language Requirements

  • Designed for students with no or minimal prior German language knowledge

Program Dates

The language institute follows the regular school calendar of each school year, including start and finish dates, as well as holiday schedules.

  • Start date: Middle of September
  • End date: End of July

Upon request, we are happy to provide information on the cost of tuition, care, room and board by email or post.

Contact: Adam Cloer – Head of International Programs
Adress: Schloss-Schule Kirchberg, Schulstr. 4, 74592 Kirchberg
Phone: 0049 7954 9802 23 Fax: 0049 7954 9802 15