Nestled in the peaceful Jagst Valley, the Schloss-Schule Kirchberg is one of the premier private schools in Germany. Established in 1914, we have enjoyed educating students during the past decade from over 25 countries around the world, including Russia, the USA, China, Mexico, India, Spain, and many more. 

We warmly welcome talented students interested in short-term stays anywhere from multiple weeks to a full year, or for longer periods to complete the final Abitur exams. Please see our list of programs on the right for more information.

The scenic rural landscape around Kirchberg ensures the quiet, healthy atmosphere needed to concentrate and succeed. Surrounded by low rolling hills and lush forests, visitors experience a world untouched by modern hand, still at peace with itself.

In stark contrast, however, students and staff live and work harmoniously on a campus graced with modern technology and furnishings. Mentors living in separate apartments in the same building as students make certain that students are best cared for at all hours. Furthermore, we also offer supervision for students on weekends and most school holidays.

Kirchberg is within only an hour’s drive to several larger metropolitan areas, e.g. Stuttgart, Nuremberg, Würzburg, Mannheim and Ulm. Thus, it is easy to reach Kirchberg by one of the surrounding airports, either Frankfurt or Stuttgart.

Our dedicated team of teachers and educators work tirelessly together to discover the potential and needs of each individual. In addition to exceptional instruction in small classes, students benefit from individual tutoring or remedial group classes to ensure full understanding of course content.

International students bring their own unique needs, most importantly the language skills which are the key to success in every subject. In addition to complete linguistic immersion and living with native speakers, our German as a Foreign Language program features regular instruction from the Goethe Institut, intensive holiday courses, and additional instruction from in-house teachers to reinforce difficult concepts and methods taught in school.

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