The Schloss-Schule Kirchberg is a boarding school and nationally recognized high school. Located in north-east Baden-Württemberg's beautiful valley of the river Jagst, the Schloss-Schule is well connected to the cities of Stuttgart, Nuremberg and Frankfurt and can easily be reached by train, car or plane.

The Schloss-Schule has extensive experience with educating students from abroad (RussiaChina, Spain, more) and welcomes those who would like to intensify their knowledge of the German language and culture during a shorter period as well as those who would like to graduate from a German high school. Basic knowledge of the German language before enrollment is necessary. If language skill levels are insufficient, the Schloss-Schule can arrange for language tutoring.

The Schloss-Schule offers tutoring for individual students in German and English as well as German as a foreign language (in cooperation with the Goethe Institute). When necessary we also organize tutoring in other compulsory subjects.

One of our goals for all students is the acquisition of the German 'Abitur,' which provides access to study at all universities in Germany.

We expect students to be diligent and exhibit a high level of readiness to perform. Students who put forth a good effort are positively evaluated and supported by our teachers.

Shared accommodations, full board and excellent care are available for our boarding stu-dents. Students share a room with one other person. After school students can participate in a wide range of sports and other activities with other young people. If friendships develop, international students can spend weekends or holidays in the families of their classmates.

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