School is important - but so is free time. Even if a school day lasts eight hours, only to be followed by completing homework in study hall, there has to be a balance. There are numerous spots on the school grounds available for spontaneous recreational activities, such as a jungle gym, climbing wall, soccer field, basketball goals, fitness studio, and a sauna. Alternatively, some may prefer baking a cake and talking, while others would rather simply watch TV or listen to music.

On top of that our wide range of extra-curricular activities offer further opportunities for meaningful leisure time. Every student attending the school must participate weekly in two clubs (AGs), one of which should be some form of athletics. With choices ranging from Soccer, Handball, Volleyball and Basketball, as well as Gymnastics, Rock-Climbing, Judo or Taekwondo, students have the chance to balance out the intensive mental work of school with physical exercise.

The Drama Club, Orchestra and Choir, in addition to the Pottery Club and Painting Club all serve to foster creativity. Individual music lessons are also available with various music teachers in Kirchberg.

We are always glad to see our students become involved in local groups as well, be it by playing soccer in the appropriate division here or by performing with the local dance company.

And when we adults - teachers, educators and you as parents - see the children take part in such activities, we are amazed at the incredible potential before us!