Type of School State-approved Gymnasium (grammar school/high school) and boarding school
Member of Association of German Borading Schools - Die Internate Vereinigung
Founded 1914
SponsorPrivate Non-Profit Foundation
Location Overlooking the romantic Jagst Valley and the idyllic little town of Kirchberg an der Jagst in the rural region of Hohenlohe
Approach Progressive Education; ideologically open-minded
We aim to recognize each student´s academic potential and help them develop it in a comprehensive manner both in and outside of class
Focal Points Focus on Natural Sciences and Drama
Focus Natural Sciences and culture (esp. drama) AND foreign languages (for example supported by the project: Classroom Instruction in a Foreign Language)
Noteworthy Academic Offer Students who have completed Realschule (intermediate secondary school) and have not learned a second foreign language can obtain the qualification to attend a German university or technical university.
Noteworthy Boarding School Offer Students living in the boarding school can also attend the neighboring public elementary school, Hauptschule (secondary school up to 9th grade) and Realschule (secondary school up to 10th grade)
Support within the School Supervised completion of homework
Remedial courses (based on individualized education plan)
Foundational courses (based on individualized education plan)
Individual tutoring (based on individualized education plan)
Course Offerings (11th and 12th grade) Mandatory Courses:
Four hours per week: German, Mathematics, English, French, Latin, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, History, Geography, Social Studies, Art, Music
Two hours per week: in addition to German, Mathematics, English, and French as above, also Religion, Ethics, and Physical Education

Elective Courses:
Two hours per week: Computer Science, Psychology, Philosophy, Literature, and Theater
Three hours per week: Seminar Course
Information Technology Systems 8.3 students per school computer
Private intranet
High-speed internet with wireless capabilities
Number of Students Approx. 100 resident students
Approx. 200 day students
Average Class Size 17 students
Number of Teachers/Educators Approx. 55
Total Number of Employees Approx. 80
Accommodations Modernly furnished two-person rooms
Extra-curricular Activities A broad selection of interest groups and clubs (at present: theater, orchestra, choir, classic ballet/modern dance, social services, soccer, volleyball, basketball, golf, archery, rock climbing, American football, Taekwondo, and more)
Our Facilities In-house kitchen with delicious offerings of home-made meals from primarily local and regional ingredients

"fabrik" (our own Cultural and Recreational Center with a wide range of creative, artisan and athletic offerings)

Expansive school grounds (with our own animal pens)
Transportation Approx. five kilometers from Autobahn with excellent connections to southern German metropolitan areas, as well as good train connections from nearby Crailsheim and our school’s own transportation service